FixInsightCL and --ignore parameter


In the "--ignore" parameter of the FixInsightCL Pro program, what is the correct syntax when we want to ignore several folders located elsewhere than in the project folder?

I've tried everything but nothing has worked so far!

The documentation is totally imprecise on the subject.

Is this possible with version 2021.10?


Stephane Derriennic.


The expected delimiter is ; (semicolon).

This parameter uses the same logic as "ignore file list" in FixInsight's dialog in Delphi IDE and will behave the same. And according to another issue you've reported, there may be a problem. This needs further investigation. I'll check the files you've attached to another issue today and be back to you tomorrow.

Sorry for not replying in time.


Thank you for considering my problem :wink:

I hope that with my zip, this will allow you to find the problem.


Stéphane Derriennic