Differences between "command line" and "Delphi-IDE" Check

Since the new version 2020.06 there are differences in the testing of the command line variant to the IDE variant.

constructor TfrmAkkreditive.Create(AStartParameter: IRunFormularParams; IsArchiv: Boolean); //FI:W525

  • FIsArchiv := IsArchiv;*

  • if IsArchiv then*

  • begin*

  • Mainform.FFormSuffix := 'ARCHIV';*

  • frmAkkreditiveArchiv := inherited Create(AStartParameter);*

  • end*

  • else*

  • frmAkkreditive := inherited Create(AStartParameter);*

The Commandline-Check: I901 Useless comment "fi:w525" detected. No warnings or hints have been found at this line (933, 0)

If I remove the "FI:W525" the IDE-Check: W525 Missing INHERITED call in constructor

This is a Problem for our Quality-Check.

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It may depend on command line params. Do you set libpath and searchpath?

We didn't include SearchPath in the Settings.
What "LibPath" did FixInsight used in IDE.

Is the Lib Path important because there are different results for the same unit.

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Is there any evidence here?

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