Install two versions of FixInsight in parallel?

Can I install two versions of FixInsight in parallel?
For production I need to revert the Command line client to 2016.09, because 2017.11 just throws too many false positive HintOnUselessIgnore Comments. I'd like to keep the 2017.11 Version, since it supports Tokyo.
Can I download 2017.04 somewhere? I'd like to try this version, because it supports Tokyo. Maybe here the CL client and the IDE version behave "properly" and this could be an intermediate step towards 2017.11

Hi, unfortunately it's not possible :(

You can download 2017.04 from

I'll try to come up with the fix for HintOnUselessIgnore issue by the end of this week. Sorry for taking so long, I'm a bit overloaded now.
Thanks for taking care of it Roman.
I'll try with 2017.04
Hi Roman,

any news on the FixInsight issues or are you still overloaded?
2017.04 and 2017.11 are both not usable for us (CL and IDE integration), so we switched back to 2016.09.

Sorry, I'll send an update to you this week. I promise.
Hi Lubbe,

Can you please remind me your email? I'll send you updated DLLs.
Hi Roman,

sorry, now I was on vacation. My work e-mail is, but exe, dll, even in a password protected .zip won't get through. You could either send me a dropbox link with the files or I could send you a link to our file-exchange system where you could upload the files.