FixInsight 2021.10 - Differences between the plugin and FixInsightCL?


I have a problem with the FixInsightCL command line.

The problem is found both under Delphi 10.4.2 pro and under Delphi 11.2 Pro

Here is the command line I am running:

FixInsightCL.exe" --project="D:\Project\myProjec.dpr" --"output=D:\Results\FixInsight\myProject.csv" --libpath="C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\source" --unitscopes="Winapi;System.Win;Data.Win;Datasnap.Win;Web.Win;Soap.Win;Xml.Win;Bde;System;Xml;Data;Datasnap;Web;Soap;Vcl;Vcl.Imaging;Vcl.Touch;Vcl.Samples;Vcl.Shell" --csv

In the “.ficfg” file of my project, I have this defined:

< IgnoreFileNames > < Name > C:\Sources\externals\ < Name > C:\ComponentsPro\ < Name > C:\OpenSources\ < /IgnoreFileNames >

The other parameters of the “.ficfg” file are taken into account when executing the command line.

My problem and that the result took into account the files which should have been ignored!

The problem is not present in the plugin.

The plugin ignores the contents of the folders put in this tag.

Is this a bug, or does the command line work differently from the plugin?

I emailed support and got no response.

So, I post here, a zip containing, a project that reproduces the bug of folders that are not ignored despite their presence in the .ficfg file.

I call FixinsightCL from the .cmd located at the root of the zipped folder to show the problem.

I hope that TMS will find quickly, what causes problem with Delphi 10.4.2 and 11.2. (28.3 KB)

With the contents of the zip file, I also tried the following way, but my list of folders to ignore is still not taken into account:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\FixInsight\FixInsightCL.exe" --project="C:\MyProjects\My Project\ProjectForFixinsight.dpr" --settings="C:\MyProjects\My Project\ProjectForFixinsight.ficfg" --output="C:\MyProjects\Logs FixInsight\ProjectForFixinsight.csv" --libpath="C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\source" --unitscopes="Winapi;System.Win;Data.Win;Datasnap.Win;Web.Win;Soap.Win;Xml.Win;Bde;System;Xml;Data;Datasnap;Web;Soap;Vcl;Vcl.Imaging;Vcl.Touch;Vcl.Samples;Vcl.Shell" --csv

for me it is a bug.

Yes, something is wrong definitely. I'll be back with an update soon.

Good morning,

It's been more than 2 months since we reported this bug !

Where is the correction of this bug which causes us big problems to be able to integrate this software in our Jenkins processing chain ?


We have an update planned in March, sorry for delaying that. It will include a number of bugfixes, with the ignore list issue fixed as well.

I think I can provide an update to you for testing even sooner. Can you share your email, so I could contact you directly when it's ready?

Of course, here is my email address:



Any news on the update - it's well past march now.

Fixinsight not getting updates for almost 18 months now is concern


the bugs found in the FixInsightCL program are not corrected despite the promises not kept by TMS, I am deeply disappointed by the lack of professionalism, which put me in difficulty in relation to my boss, because the purchase of Fixinsigh came months.

Because of bugs in FixInsightCL, we were unable to integrate FixInsightCL into Jenkins processing!

Thanks again TMS, for the lack of concrete response.