first column font is too small

No matter what i try, and I have tried a lot of things, the first column in my grid is always a small font.  The other columns seem to respect the font I chose for the grid.

This occurs in multiple projects.

Delphi Seattle
TDBAdvGrid version

I also have this problem in my XE2 program so I don;t think it's Seattle.

Is there a setting somewhere to allow the first column font to be bigger ?
I have tried all variants of fixed column font, etc.

Thanks for any advice.
i am a huge fan of TMS.


Is this on a machine with high DPI?

We've done several improvements related to high DPI in the past months, so I'd suggest to first test this with the latest version v2.4.2.4 as with this latest version we cannot reproduce such problem here.

No it is not high DPI.

I am not sure of my registration status as far as updating but I'll look into that.

I was hoping this was a known issue based on one of the may grid settings.

I'll get back to you after an update. Thanks

Yes ! 

Updating to newer version fixed it.
Thanks for the help !