Finding the main TAdvAppStyler colours for the selected style

Some controls in our application are not styled and so I would like to set them myself by asking TAdvAppStyler for the main colours currently in use. Is this possible?

Normally it is each component that implements the appropriate colors for a given style like Office2019White / Office2019Gray / Office2019Black...
The component does this in the interface method SetComponentStyle().
What you could do is take any of the TAdvStyler components that is controlled by the TAdvAppStyler and use the color properties in such TAdvStyler component, like TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.ButtonAppearance, TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.CaptionAppearance, TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.Color, TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.GroupAppearance, .... and pick the colors you see as match for the part of your other controls to apply these.

Great, simple enough. Thanks.