Facebook Authorization issues

I've been having problems in my application with Facebook, so I made sure I was updated to 2.6.2 (note - Delphi XE7 Splash screen incorrectly states version is 2.6.1) and then copied the FacebookDemo project.

In my copy of the Facebook Demo project, all I did was edit the APPIDS.INC to include my appkey/appsecret.

Issue is that the clearing of the tokens is not clearing other things, such as a cache, to consistently bring back the authorization screen to enter the user/password to access Facebook.

Steps I took.

1) compiled demo under Delphi XE7.

2) Ran demo .

3) Clicked Connect

4) Authorization window appears to enter my FB user/password. I did and did not click remember me.

5) Status shows as connected with Connect disabled and Remove Access enabled.

6) Click Remove Access

7) Click Connect.

My expectations are that when I click Connect , after access was removed, is I should see the Authorization to sign in again. I don't.   I can repeat steps 6 and 7 over and over in the same application session and I can not change to a different FB user/password.

I checked the facebook.ini file created and all items are empty. If I click connect, all items in the INI are empty, except AUTH_TOKEN. If I click Remove Access, all items become empty.

I even tried, with the session running, deleting the Facebook.ini while not connected. When I click connect, the authorization still does not appear.

I've isolated the issue to being cookies stored in IE. If I clear all the cookies, the authorization appears.   The problem is that having customers clear the cookies is not acceptable, as it may be possible that a customer may require posting to Facebook as one user when using one data file and then use a different user under a different data file.

Any suggestions on how to work around this? Or is this an issue that the component needs to address?

Thank you!



You can use the Logout call to make sure the user is logged out of Facebook in the browser.