How to force a new login in TAdvFacebook?

Sorry, my english is bad.

How "clean" all login info?. I need a method to clear all the previous login information so that you can reconnect to facebook with another user, for example. This user reset not always want to, only when the end user decides. 

TAdvFacebook.ClearTokens and AdvFacebook.Logout, do not work. The component reconnect With the same user (in OAuth window, the checkbox to "remember login" is ticked). 



Using the AdvFacebook.Logout call is the correct way to clear the currently logged in user.
Please make sure to first call Logout and then ClearTokens (the tokens are required for performing a logout).

Hi Bart, 

I used Logout and ClearTokens (and I see that. INI file is clean). The problem is that the next DoAuth, the Facebook login window does not appear and re-log the same user (silently). Remember that my goal was to change user and I have no way to achieve that.

I have tested this here and the Logout call is working as expected.
The logged in user is logged out and the login window is displayed.

Can you please make sure the Logout call is done while the tokens are still available?

If the problem persists, please provide the
AdvFacebook.log file so I can further investigate this.


Enable logging example:

  AdvFacebook1.Logging := true;
  AdvFacebook1.LogLevel := llDetail; 

(The log file is automatically generated in your documents folder when Logging is true)

Yes, that was the problem!, the tokens are not available. 
One more query, if I want to do the same with Twitter, I see you do not have a TAdvTwitter.Logout method, how do I do?


Each service has its own method.
For Twitter, you'd set AdvTwitter.ForceLogin := true;

Thank you!