Facebook Demo Issue

There seems to be an odd behavior I'm seeing in the demo. I use the code in my application, so I see the similar behavior.

Under Delphi XE7.

1) Set up the APPID's for your facebook account.

2) Compile and run the demo

3) Click connect and sign into your Facebook account.

4) Click Load Friends or Load pages or Load Feed. Nothing happens. While the application appears to be connected to the account, it isn't.

5) Close and restart application.

6) Click Connect.

7) Now you can Load Friends.

My expectation would be that after finishing step 3 after initial logon is to immediately be able to load friends/pages/feeds.

Also, regarding Remove Access. The code does not actually remove access. Expectation is that it clears the login and account information so that when clicking Connect, the prompt appears. It appears to have Logout function call missing.

It may be a language issue. Is "Remove Access" support to just disconnect from Facebook, but not clear information? If so, I would suggest changing the language to say "Disconnect", to be clearer. I would also maybe suggest adding another button called "Forget User" which would show example code on how to clear the remembered user.

I really like the features and just trying to help assist with making the component example clearer for real world situations.


This issue was due to changes in the Facebook API, it has now been fixed.  It's now possible to load friends/feeds/... immediately after login.
The update will be available with the next update of the TMS Cloud Pack.

- There is indeed a difference between clearing the access tokens to remove access to the Facebook data via the API (which is what the Remove Access button does) and logging the currently authenticated user out of Facebook.
The latter can be done by calling "AdvFacebook1.Logout;".

Thank you for your suggestions, we'll consider improving the demo appearance and behavior.