Extension is doing nothing: 'There is no data provider registered that can provide view data.'

Hi Support Team,

I imported a project from Git, but the TMS WebCore extension always shows the following error message:

"There is no data provider registered that can provide view data."

I have reinstalled the extension five times, but there is no change.

I activated the extension, but since we received five different emails with registration codes, I am unsure which one to use. When I try to generate a license again, I encounter the following error:

"Command 'TMS: Install Packages' resulted in an error
command 'rad4.install.packages' not found."

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Thank you for your help!

Not sure what is causing this. Do you have a good working internet connection on this machine? Did you install from the VSIX download from TMS WEB Core VSC Framework for creating modern web applications from Visual Studio Code with Object Pascal ?

Please, let us know what version you have installed, you can check this by switching to the extensions section on the left bar and selecting the TMS WEB Core extension:

It is the same version.
Internet connection is stable and good.

I think it has to do with activation. it was looking "normal" at the beginning but after activation this happened.

Please, check the extensions folder depending on your OS, and delete any folder that is related to the tms web core extension, with VSCode fully closed, and then start again and install it from the marketplace:

Activation is only important to compile applications, not to anything else :ok_hand:t2:


i started a new empty workspace.
And checkoud the project from git again and no its working.....

can't reproduce the behavior.
Thread can be closed