Exporting Planner to pdf using TAdvPlannerPDFIO - Fit to Page

Hi, I am having problems exporting a planner to pdf using TAdvPlannerPDFIO and getting the planner to FitToPage on the pdf.
Is the AdvPlannerPdfIO completely independent of the planner.printoptions properties (which seem to have know effcet when exporting to pdf)
What are the AdvPlannerPdfIO settings for producing a planner that FitsToPage in the pdf?
Thanks in advance

the AdvPlannerPDFIO listens to Options.FitToPage alongside Options.Margins. We have tested this here and this is working.

Thanks Peter. I can replicate the problem using TMS demo too. I have
planner.display.scaletofit = true
planner.printoptions.fittopage = true
planner.printoptions.margins = 50 (for top,left & right. There is no bottom margin)

Please see the 2 pdf files attched. One is generated with the demo app at default size. The other with the demo app maximised. One fails to fill the pdf. The other spills over onto a second
TMS Demo Default.pdf (145.0 KB)
TMS Demo Maximised.pdf (109.0 KB)


the FitToPage is only in horizontal direction, in vertical direction it will generate more pages according to the scale calculation.

Ah, that is what I am experiencing. So there is no way to fit to page vertically then

No, the component will always spill over into new pages according to the available size and the size of the planner