TPlanner printing problems

I have a TPlanner, where Sidebar=spTop and Header.Captions on the left.
I try to print it  (Planner:PrintSelection), but the printed result is not the same as on the screen

First: I have set Planner.PrintOptions.Header, but it prints this header and also the default "TMS software TPlanner",
even though I have set Planner.Caption.Text:='' and visible=false

Secondly the Header.Captions on the left have CustomGroups, where the group text is rotated (vertical) on the screen, but not in the print

Thirdly:I have custom OnHeaderDraw that prints text on the canvas. This text is not in the print.

Any help, that I could the get  wysiswyg print ?

  1. Print header text is set via
      planner1.PrintOptions.Header: TStringList;
    2) There is currently unfortunately not a built-in capability to have rotated header text for printing. We've added this on the feature request list.
    3) Custom painting is indeed limited to screen (mainly because screen resolution is significantly different from printer resolution)

    As an alternative, if you want to have on paper an exact copy of the Planner, you could use Planner.PaintTo() where you send this to the printer canvas

How can you use the Planner.PaintTo() procedure to print the planner items on the full page?
Now I use:


But when I use this, I get a blanc page with in the corner a small picture of my planneritems instead of a full page image...

Never mind. I solved it by using a bitmap first

What is the solution ?, when i use printer.canvas or bitmap, so the header text is stil not rotated. It is still not same - on the screen and on the print.

- does not work.

Please try to replace DBperiodPlanner.PrintTo(bitmap.Canvas); by DBperiodPlanner.PaintTo(bitmap.Canvas);

Thank you. This print's the same what i see on screen to bitmap - perfect. Is there any possibility to print so whole dbplanner ?(for example on screen i see only part,scrolled, dbplanner is much more "longer."..). sorry of my english.

When using this technique, you'd have to increase the control's size.

any other possibility to print this situation correctly ?

If this font rotation is important, I see no other possibilities.