ScaleTofit problems

Hi everybody,

Thanks in advance for the help you'll give me.

I have a problem when I use the property "ScaleToFit". Everything works great on my computer, I see all the planner and he is scaled. But I have a user who is running Windows 10 with a windows scale "125%", the planner shows but the end of the day is missing.

In the Planner v3.4.5.0 it works, but in the Planner v3.4.6.0 it doesn't work and there's not changes i my code.

Can anyone helps me ?


The latest version of the Planner is v3.6.0.2 and this has adaptions / improvements for high DPI , per monitor high DPI.  We are at this moment not aware of issues with the latest version of the Planner for 125% DPI on Windows 10 and suggest to verify first with the latest version.

Hi Bruno, 

Thanks for the quick answer.

When I look in my product, I download the lastest version of my TMS VCL UI Pack. So I think that I have the lastest version avaible ?

And I look at the TDBPlanner release and it give me ?

If you see an issue with, please share a screenshot indicating these issues.
Preferably, send a sample source project , so we know all your property settings & code involved to allow us to reproduce.