Excel chart occasionally displays blank when file first opened in Excel

I am finding this one difficult to reproduce. Sometimes when I create a workbook with a chart sheet, when I open the file the chart is completely blank. If I change to a worksheet and back to the chart sheet it is still blank. I can get the chart to render by simply changing the zoom level.

Interestingly if I change the scaling in Excel so the chart renders, and then immediately close the file without saving (close Excel), then reopen it and open the file, the graph renders correctly.... Got to love MS products (and Excel particularly)!!

Any ideas? Is there something I can/should call before saving?

Flexcel for VCL 7.14


Dave Martel

We aren't aware of what could be causing this. Do you have any file that shows the empty chart so we can try to see what is happening?

As it is intermittent, I don't have one right now, but I will see if I can generate one and will send it to you.


Wow this is hard to nail down. It is really weird. I did manage to produce a file that came up with a blank graph, so I closed it and made 2 copies of the file in explorer, because I wanted to try a file compare. I opened one of the copies and the graph displayed fine. That was weird.

I then opened the file that had been bad (and where I had not changed anything to make the graph display), but this time the graph displayed fine. So simply opening and closing the file "fixed" it.

This may make it almost impossible for me to provide you with a file in a bad state.... How I hate Mixrosoft and Excel at times!