Flexcel VCL - Excel Protected View

I am trying to open an excel spreadsheet with Flexcel VCL.  When spreadsheet is opened in Excel, it stats that it is in "protected view".

When opening it with Flexcel, it throws and access violation.  Is there a property or parameter to override this in code?



Can you send me an example file showing the problem to adrian@tmssoftware.com  so I can take a look?

Hello Adrian,

I have sent you and example to your email as requested.
Please note that this was posted under our company account information and you will be getting and email from "Jacques Pieterse"



The file seems to be ok and it opens correctly here. (no protected view in Excel, and FlexCel opens it just fine).

Can you recheck it is the correct file? Note that if you saved it with Excel before sending it, Excel might have fixed the file before saving it.

If it is the correct file, then does the error happen also if you open the file with a standard FlexCel demo like the "Custom preview" demo? ( http://www.tmssoftware.biz/flexcel/doc/vcl/samples/delphi/printing-and-exporting/custompreview/index.html )

And finally, just to be sure we are looking at the same thing: What exact FlexCel version are you using?

Hi Adrian,

I have included the FlexCelDllInit and FlexCelDllShutdown in my dll (as per the other problem that I logged) and it has resolved the problem.

Thanks you for your assistance.