template with a chart don't support PagesDataSet

I am using flexcel vcl version 3.2.1

I create a template with a single worksheet which contains a chart.  Using the ReportDB.PagesDataSet property, a single workbook is created with multiple worksheets.
The chart is not be reproduced properly on the first worksheet (it IS reproduced on all of the other worksheets).  The chart on the first worksheet is present but it is not populated with the data from that worksheet (it is blank)

This bug is only present in Excel 2007 and 2010.  With Excel 2003 there is no problem.

Is there a fix for this bug?




Thanks for reporting this.

We have investigated and found the problem. If you want the fastest fix, just open UEscherRecords.pas

And change:
function TEscherDgRecord.DoCopyTo(const NewDwgCache: PEscherDwgCache;
  const RowOfs, ColOfs: integer; const dSheet: TObject): TEscherRecord;
  DgId : integer;
  FirstShapeId: Int64;
  Result := inherited DoCopyTo(NewDwgCache, RowOfs, ColOfs, dSheet);
  Dg.ShapeCount := 0;


  (Result as TEscherDgRecord).Dg.ShapeCount := 0;

If you prefer that I email you the fixed file, just drop me an emai at adrian@tmssoftware.com  (but please not today, as it looks like we are having issues with our mail provider that we re trying to solve)

In any case, we should be publishing a fixed version very soon in the website.


Thanks a lot.

I will try soon.


PS: your forum looks strange in safari.