Flexcel 7.8 Bug(?) in using templates? Saved file breaks links between text boxes on chart and cells where their value is entered

This seems like a bug to me, but perhaps someone can tell me if I am doing something wrong.

I load an Excel file as a template. The file has a chart sheet, and the title, axis labels, and one text box are set up to take their values from a cell in another sheet (i.e. the title is setup as "SetupPage!$B$1"). This allows us to simply put text in 4 cells and the chart updates. This works fine in Excel.

Using FlexCel (7.8) I can load the file, update the cells in the data sheet, and save under a different name. On loading back in to Excel the title on the graph and the axis labels change perfectly. Yay!!

However the Text box does not update. When I look at the text box, it is now no longer linked to the cell in the data sheet

So now I start wondering.

I simplified this. I simply load the template and save it under another name. When I load that back in to Excel, it has broken the link to the cell in the data sheet.

I realize that the Excel file format is a beast, and maybe this is just something that is not supported. However it seems sad, that it works for the axis labels, graph title etc, but not for text boxes on the graph.

We are having to use this approach as the IChart.AddAutoShape() does not seem to work to create a text box on a chart from scratch. It gives AccessViolations, and I have already spent a day or more trying to make that work.

Any help greatfuly accepted

This issue was fixed in 7.9 release. I have just downloaded, and tested and it works fine now

Great! Thanks for letting me know