Errors with RichEdit SpellCheck

These errors occur in the TMS Component pack in the project RichEditorSpellCheckDemo.dproj that came with the component pack.  

I am compiling with Delphi XE6. I haven't found a version number for my package, but I am seeing file dates up to 11/24/2015.  

1. Add button doesn't add a word to the dictionary.  The new word stays highlighted in the editor screen.   I solved this on my machine by adding ", TEncoding.Unicode" to the call to the procedure below.  I don't know if this is the solution you want, but on my machine, if I don't do this,  the stream  "f"  contains Chinese characters in the AppendWordsList call. (I am writing in English).

procedure TCustomAdvSpellCheck.AppendWords(Language: TSpellCheckLanguagePack;
  Words: String);
  f: TStringStream;
  f := TStringStream.Create(Words, TEncoding.Unicode);
    AppendWordsList(Language, f);

2.  This one I haven't tracked down.  When I type beyond the end of the line, and it wraps around, the first word will appear on the new line until I press the space bar, then it disappears.  

These problems also show up when I use the TAdvRichEditor and TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck in my aplication. I just thought they would be easier to find in existing code.  

Thanks for reporting these issues. 
You're correct about the AppendWords() function and we've improved this.
We have also traced & solved the issue with wrapping. Next update will address this.