TAdvRichEditor Bugs


I have just installed the latest greatest TMS Component Pack but there appears to be quite a few bugs in the TAdvRichEditor which I will list below...

1: Auto URL - just doesn't work at all. I have of course uAuto selected but typing a URL doesn't result in one being created.

2: Read Only - With the FormatToolBar you can still insert images, undo, redo, change font etc and also with EditButtonBar you can undo, redo

3: TAdvRichEditorEditButtonBar - When clicking the Copy Selected button it will paste instead!

How do I get the spell checking to work?

  1. I cannot reproduce this. When I type in the editor  http://   is starts displaying this as hyperlink
    2. By design. Read-only means you cannot longer add/remove text with keyboard.  Formatting via toolbar is still possible. If you want to disable formatting too, set Toolbar.Enabled = false
    3. We have fixed this. Next update will address this.
    4. In v1.0 there is no built-in spell checking. The next update will offer capabilities for this.