TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck issues

I have a need for a spellchecker in my windows vcl application. I am replacing Addict because it is not supported anymore. I am looking to use your TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck but I have run into the following issues:

  1. the wiggly redline under misspelled word is not consistent. it only looks correct when there is a blank line below it.
  2. the words are not spell checked while editing if you arrow through the word or click at a different spot in the AdvRichEditor.
  3. the spell checker dialog box is not the correct size and cuts off the buttons. the Language dialog box is the wrong size too.
  4. when ignore is clicked on the AdvRichEditorSpellCheckDialog it skips the next misspelled word - you can see that in the above image. that only happens with the dialog, it works correctly with the panel.
  5. are there settings to control the position where the AdvRichEditorSpellCheckDialog displays?
  6. words with numbers or special character in them are not flagged as misspelled. is there a setting to enable that?
  7. is there a setting to have the SpellChecker ignore words that are all uppercase?

Thank you,

Is anyone going to respond to this?


Sorry, we could not allocate sufficient time yet for all questions. It is on our todolist.

Hi Bruno,

When are you planning on updating TAdvRichEditorSpellCheck?

Thank you,

We'll bring this up in the next team planning meeting.