Error update Aureilus, Sparkle and XData

Update to the latest version of aurelius, but I get the following error.

[dcc32 Fatal Error] ConnectionModule.pas(38): F2051 Unit XData.Aurelius.ConnectionPool was compiled with a different version of Aurelius.Drivers.Interfaces.IDBConnectionPool2

The version of aurelius is
TMS Business core Library version
TMS Sparkle version
TMS XData version

Can anybody help me
Thank you very much.

Current XData version is 5.5. I'd recommend you uninstall everything, remove all left overs from your hard disk and then download the latest installers for every product and install in the order: BCL, Aurelius, Sparkle, XData.

I have done what you suggested but I still have the same problem

Did you clean up your library path in Delphi? Please provide more information, your Delphi library path, your project search path, etc, so we can have a better idea of what's going on.