Error on install Sparkle

Hi, when i update my tms sparkle, the installer display this error above in log file:

"D:\UniallTech\componentes\Delphi\TMS Software\TMS Sparkle\packages\drio\sparkle.dproj" (Build destino) (1) ->
(_PasCoreCompile destino) ->
D:\UniallTech\componentes\Delphi\TMS Software\TMS Sparkle\source\core\Sparkle.Middleware.Jwt.pas(162): error E2003: Undeclared identifier: 'Verify' [D:\UniallTech\componentes\Delphi\TMS Software\TMS Sparkle\packages\drio\sparkle.dproj]
D:\UniallTech\componentes\Delphi\TMS Software\TMS Sparkle\source\core\Sparkle.Comp.JwtMiddleware.pas(66): error F2063: Could not compile used unit 'Sparkle.Middleware.Jwt.pas' [D:\UniallTech\componentes\Delphi\TMS Software\TMS Sparkle\packages\drio\sparkle.dproj]

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2 Erro(s)

Can help? What I do?


Please update TMS Business Core Library before updating TMS Sparkle.

Was already updated! Any other ideas?

Strange, how it was already updated if you even didn't have access to it? I suggest you uninstall and reinstall it, just in case. Then uninstall/reinstall TMS Sparkle as well, please.

This status of installation shows like instaled, even if not compiled correctly. It has always been like that.

About Sparkle, I try this againt to, but not resolved. My next try is remove all TMS directly in Delphi, to remove old references.

We are not aware of such issues. Please uninstall the products directly from Windows Control Panel (installed applications). Then if needed, remove leftovers from Delphi. Also delete registry keys related to TMS BIZ products from registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\tmssoftware.

Then open Subscription Manager and check if the installation information is correct (uninstalled), then try to install it again.

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