Error on Installing FNC Core - xmlrtl is required

I use Delphi Enterprise 11.2 Patch 1 on a Windows 10 machine
In the Log-File I found this Error:

FMXTMSFNCCorePkgDXE14.dpk(34): error E2202: Package 'xmlrtl' wird ben”tigt, konnte aber nicht gefunden werden [C:\Users\m.freese\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\registered\TMS FNC Core\FMXTMSFNCCorePkgDXE14.dproj]

I already tried to reinstall the IDE.
What can i do?

Is it the only error you found? You just found the error, or FNCCore was not installed at all for Win32/64?
Please read the light-blue-background notes above. Maybe you should ignore this error if you have other platforms enabled, but you've never built a project on them.

If it was not installed at all:
Is xmlrtl.dcp present? ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\lib\ [win32 & win64] \ [release & debug] ?)
Is your Library Path ok ? Could you share it? (Tools / Options / Language / Delphi / Library Path)
Please do not click on Delete Invalid Paths before you check if there are any malformed or concatenated entries. That could delete a concatenated entry that you'd rather keep.

FNCCore is installed. I see
TMS FNC Core for FMX and
TMS FNC Core for FMX/VCL Designtime and
TMS FNC Core for VCL in the Packages

The xmlrtl.dcp is present.

Win32 library path:

win64 library path:

I tested the following:
After installing FNC Core, I also installed the FNC APP Tools.
I created a new VCL application and put the TTMSFNCAppLock component on the form. Compiling on Win32 works. Compiling under Win64 does not work. The unit VCL.TMSFNCAppLock is not found. After manually adding the library path under Win64, compiling also works under Win64.
It seems the Win64 library paths are not being built properly. Could it be that this is a consequence of the faulty installation?

I use Delphi 11.0.
Sometimes after installing/upgrading packages (not only TMS Packages) it needs some manual fixes on library paths. I never had to fix APPTools paths, and I have both t:\TMS FNC AppTools\Delphi11\Win32&64\[Release&Debug] and t:\TMS FNC AppTools\ listed.
I think you should not be worried, unless you have the same problem again after installing other packages.

Disabling the platforms that you never used should avoid those error messages when compiling packages.

I now have all the required products installed. The library paths were created correctly for the VCL, BIZ, WEBCore components.
With all FNC products I had to add the Win64 library paths manually. Maybe there is a error here?
At least I can now compile my projects again. Thank you Ferrari Julio and your time.

i have the same problem, the fnc install from older version has installed. now the f****

what is the solution ?

manuell install:

[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] FMXTMSFNCCorePkgDXE15.dpk(32): E2202 Package 'rtl' wird benötigt, konnte aber nicht gefunden werden

i have checked the search path in delphi

There is a chapter in Flexcel installation guide that mentions this specific error:

FlexCel Installation Guide | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation.

i have fond the (tms) bug.

in delphi win32 search path appears \\\ and .\ in tms biz components paths

if i fix the paths delphi works after reinstall rad studio. after the dbrtl problem while components packets installing .... i have rename bin\lib path in rad studio an reinstall rad studio. now it runs perferct.

the problem / bugs came from the tms installer .... before i have updates after my holidays rad studio runs normal, after install updates (only tms) rad studio have wrong searchpath with ending \\\ and so on ....