Error in TAdvRichEditor


when testing the Editor with the Demos I found some unclean behavior.

1) When insert an image and try to resize it, the resize-anchor in the bottom right corner
do not work good. When simply click on it (instead of using mouse down and move for resize)
the resize-arrow stays until moving the mouse-pointer over the image.
Just add two words like "Hello World" and insert an image from clipboard with a size of
340 x 200 px (others will word too, but this way it is clear how I made this).

2) Do the same with the image and after the image the Textsize is changed to 8 px.

3) This one I have found an easy solution! Use the Demo "RichEditorDockPanel",
use Excample "Format" from the left (others will work too, but this info
is to make sure you can reproduce the problem) and do a search for "for"
(found in "formatted"). There you get an exception.
In "constructor TAdvRichEditorBase.Create(AOwner: TComponent);"
I changed "FLastResult := True;" to "FLastResult := False;" and everything worked fine.
I hope you can confirm this.

4) When searching an text and comming to the last element it stucks for "one round" and
then starts from beginning. I can make it start from beginning without the stuck by adding

    if (NOT Result) AND // Letztes Element?
       (Caret.Element <> FirstElement) AND (Caret.CharIndex <> 0) then // Rekursionsschutz
      Result := Find(AText, MatchCase);

after the "Result := FLastResult;" at the end of "function TAdvRichEditorBase.Find(AText: string; MatchCase: boolean = false): boolean;".
But I think there can be a nicer solution found by you.

I hope this helps to make your components better and even more resistend (maybe not the right word for the german word "robuster").

Greetings from Germany
 Peter Nomden

We have fixed issue 1) and 2)

We have applied the change for 3)

For 4), it normally designed to allow to show a warning when the end of the document has been reached and no more occurrences are found and then show a dialog to ask confirmation if a search from the beginning of the document should start again.