XE6 Installation Fails

I've been installing TMS Async32 since Delphi XE2, I just downloaded (for XE6) and the installer doesn't seem to correctly install into the target location.

1. No XE6 dpks, projects etc are created
2. After automatic installation - no BPL or DCU files are created either in the TMS Async 32 root folder, or as before in the delphi version specific folder.
3. After installation, an empty bpl folder is created - nothing at all in there.
4. I can't compile any of my code as it can't find any of the packags, dcps, bpls etc.

Can you assist please, this weekend is our convert to XE6 weekend.


Can you redownload TMS Async, as there was an initial distribution where the XE6 .DPK was missing but that was fixed already.

Thank you - that fixed the issue.