Error after installing updates - extra backslashes - missing .res files

Continuing the discussion from error install FlexCel 7.18:

and maybe Error after installing latest version of Flexcel


Delphi 11.3.
It started warning about a missing "VCL.res". After deleting some invalid library path entries and uninstalling/reinstalling all Flexcel & ExcelBridges, now it complains about FNC.res .

Is there already a known reason for library & search paths being broken after updating some components? I used to have just the extra backslashes problem. Now these missing .res errors.

As I don't know exactly which path is missing now, I'll reinstall everything and try again.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Complete FNC uninstall(Add/remove programs) & reinstall did the work.
Seems like it's the same problem as always, when some modules uninstall procedure using Subscription Manager leaves some forgiven backslashes in libraries/search paths.

There was an issue in old uninstaller that has been fixed.
We expect that when you installed the latest version, the new uninstall should no longer show the issue with double backslash after uninstall.

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