Error after installing latest version of Flexcel

I am using the latest versions of Flexcel and the TMS Component pack in Delphi XE. After installing these versions my app no longer compiles. It complains of a missing tmsEmptySheet.res. Where should this file be located?



tmsEmptySheet.res isn't istributed with FlexCel, even when it is part of of a mini-flexcel3 included with the TMS pack.

The file should be at <installdir>\TMSSoftware\TMS Component Pack\XlsAdapter
There are 2 causes I can think for this error:
1)You don't actually have the file. This would be strange, but if it is the case let me know, I will upload it. (even when it would be wise to reinstall the component pack if you don't have this file, as you might be missing others too).

2)Library path somehow got broken. Make sure the path above is in the library path.

Thanks Adrian. The library path was indeed messed up.