elevation and altitude

is there a way to get  the elevation or altitude, in my webGMaps component.

thank! bob

Sorry, at this time, this information is not exposed in TMS WebGMaps.

We'll need to investigate if the Google Maps API can expose this and then look if it is feasible to expose this in the Delphi component.

Hey Bruno,

I have a need for altitude as well in the application that I am working on.

Google does have an API that exposes the info if you guys would be willing to add it as a field for a marker, :)

The elevation along the Polylines via the path cords would be awesome as well...


Thanks, we'll consider to add this capability in a future update.

Hey Bruno,

Check your email (help@tmssoftware.com is where I sent it) I came across something after I had last posted that I thought you might find of interest.