Send route to mobile phone

There is a feature on google maps to send the route to a mobile as text or by email, is there such an API call to achieve this task?


Via email, this could be done by exporting the route from WebGMaps to a GPX file and then send an email with GPX attached. Typically on a smartphone there are apps registered for the GPX file format to open it.
With SMS, it is unclear how this is done. I did not test that. Possibly, it sends a URL to the GPX file via SMS.

Hi Bruno,
Thank you for your reply, so you are saying that there is no facility similar to what we have on google map, in other words there is no exposure to the google map API call which send the route to a linked mobile number.

Another way around it. On street view there is on the top left corner an option which allow me to open the same view on google map, Is there such an option when viewing the map on Mapview?


So far, I could not find any API from Google that would perform this directly. If you find a reference to such API, we will gladly investigate if we can expose it in TMS FNC Maps.
What you can do already now is

  1. Export the GPX and email it from the Delphi app as attachment
  2. Export the GPX, upload it on a server and SMS the link to the GPX from a Delphi app

Hi Bruno,

I did as you suggested, saved the route as gpx file and emailed it to myself but I couldn't open the file on my mobile, I use apple iPhone 10. Do i need to download an app, if so do you know of any apps to allow me to open the gpx files?

I know from experience that apps like Strava or Trails have registered for the .GPX file extension and can be picked to open the file with.