WebGMaps polylines

Is it planned to add polylines to WebGMaps?

I'm moving an app from VCL to web, and need to be able to draw paths on the map.  The application is for tracking weather balloons and it's very useful to be able to see where they've been as well as where they are!

VCL WebGMaps can do polylines. 
Do you mean the use of Google maps in a TMS WEB Core application?

Sorry Bruno I should have been clearer.

Yes this is a VCL application (or part of) that I want to move to TMS Web Core.  So I'm moving from TWebGMaps to TWebGoogleMaps.  The existing VCL application uses polylines to show the balloon path, and I'd like to show that path in the web app also.

Thanks for clarifying.
Well, adding markers can already be done. It is a matter of exposing the method to also add polylines from the Pascal language. We'll look to put that on the schedule.

Excellent, thanks.  I use the markers now - to show the balloons, receiving stations and predicted landing points; I just need the polylines to complete the job.