WebGMap Rotate Control not showing up?

Dear TMSSoftware Team,

I tried to setup a TMSWebGMaps with the rotate control feature activated.
But I had no success: No matter if I activated the rotate control from within the IDE or at runtime, there is no control showing up. (I tried several control positions to be sure it isn't just hidden behind another control)

I also tried this with the main demo installed with the component, I didn't had success there either.

Then I created a new project with nothing in it but a form with a TWebGMaps component on it. I set the rotate control to visible=true in the IDE and set the start map mode to 'mtSatellite'. 
No matter how I change the other controls' setup, the rotate control doesn't show up.

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I missing something?


Please note that the rotate functionality is only available in satellite view for specific coordinates at specific zoom levels.
If the icon is enabled it will automatically be displayed if the map is positioned on a supported map location and zoom level.

Example of a supported location and zoom level:
- Open the WebGMapsMainDemo
- Go to the address "Las Vegas Strip"
- Set zoom level to 18
- Enable satellite view


thanks for your reply.
You're right: the rotate control DOES show up in some situations.

I checked maps.google.com and there you have the possiblity to activate this "3D-View" (not StreetView, the tilted pov) at any location with any zoom status.

Is this a limitation of the TMS-component?

Another, (weakly) related question: 
Can I get the information from the TMS-component if the current view is in this "3D-Mode"(not StreetView, the tilted pov)?
  • As far is I know, the "3D-View" is currently not supported. This is a limitation of the Google Maps API which we have no control over.

    - Unfortunately it's currently not supported in TMS VCL WebGMaps to find out if the current view is in tilted mode. We'll have to investigate if this feature can be added in a future version.
- That's sad, let's hope google will make it available through the API soon.

- The documentation at https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/reference#Map includes a method "getTilt()" for the class "google.maps.Map" which returns the current tilt parameter. There is also a "setTilt()" method, with which you can switch into tilted mode if available for the current viewport and zoom level. I am really looking forward to see the functionality in the TMS component. Should I create a separate feature request for this?

Note that you can use the MapOptions.DisableTilt property to enable/disable the tilt state.

Adding the possibility to request the current tilt state of the map is good suggestion and I've made a note of it.
You can certainly also add it to the feature requests as a reminder for us.