Dropbox API has been auto frozen

using Berlin 10.1.2 i made an iOS app. With your FMX Cloud Pack it has Dropbox storage access.

After 50 linked Dropbox users i aplied for production review - that got denied with the following response:
Your app currently processes the OAuth app authorization flow inside a
web view, instead of the system browser. In order to support the Google Sign In
flow when signing in to authorize the Dropbox app, your app will need to be
updated to use the system browser, in order to comply with Google's policy: https://developers.googleblog.com/2016/08/modernizing-oauth-interactions-in-native-apps.html

What can i do to comply with Google's policy?


Please set the property ExternalBrowser = true and it will behave compliant with the new DropBox or Google requirements.

Sorry, but the component TTMSFMXCloudDropBox has no property called "ExternalBrowser" 

Please make sure you have the latest version of the components and set it in code:

 TMSFMXCloudDropBox1.ExternalBrowser := true;

According to your site the latest version of the cloud pack is, release on august 10th.

I downloaded and installed it on august 16th, as you can see:

Delphi says it has the version installed.
Further, when i try to follow your recomandation to set the property "ExternalBrowser" Delphi doesn't find it. If i write it by hand and compile Delphi displays the error message "E2003: Unknoen identifier 'ExternalBrowser'. 

What am i doing wrong?
Should i repeat the download and reinstall?
Are there any updates with the same version number?
Please advise.

Kind regards,


Please note that the ExternalBrowser property is currently only available for the Windows platform.
If you are developing an iOS app the ExternalBrowser will currently no be available.

The availability of the ExternalBrowser property will be extended to other platforms (including iOS) in a future version of the TMS FMX Cloud Pack.

This is very dissapointing!

If you had, at least, mentioned in the operating manual that Dropbox works in production only on Windows, i would not have applied for production.
Now that i did, the users of my app don't have access to their Dropbox files anymore = very annoying ...

Unfortunately this is a breaking change in the DropBox API authentication procedure that was recently applied which we were not aware of.

The ExternalBrowser support for DropBox on iOS will be added to TMS FMX Cloud Pack as soon as possible.

do you have an aprox. time frame for that?

Is it a month or rather 6-12 months?

We are talking in days/weeks and not in months.


more than 3 weeks passed ...
Do you have now an aprox. time frame for this issue?

The release is planned for Oct 23.

thank you for your very fast answer!