TMSCloudWebBrowser and runtime created frames

I wonder if anyone can help. My Delphi app uses runtime created frame instances (to keep the main form load times low), one of which is hosted a TMSCloudWebBrowser component as part of the Dropbox sign-in process (my frame is a wizard).

On Android and Windows, it works well and the browser shows the Dropbox login page fine. On iOS it doesn't show anything - it just stays blank.

I've tried calling .Navigate('') using a button on the same frame to test and it still stays empty - even though the OnNavigate() handlers are called and seem to behave correctly.
I tried replacing it with a TMSWebBrowser component and it worked, so suspect a bug in the CloudWebBrowser component.

I did notice in the change history for TTMSWebBrowser a line for "v1.0.1.2 : Fixed : Issue in combination with runtime created frames" which sounds like it may be related to my issue, but this fix isn't on the TMSCloudWebBrowser component?

Has anyone else experienced this issue or know of a fix? I'm using it with the TMSDropbox component so can't use TMSWebBrowser instead unfortunately.

Thank for your help in advance


We have investigated this here and have seen that the fixes aren't synchronized yet.
We have now synchronized them and will release an update as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, 

Thank you Pieter, that would be fantastic.

Are you planning to update the Cloud Pack for Firemonkey to v3.2.0.0 to match those features of the VCL Cloud Pack? The OAuthv2 DropBox support and fixes you mentioned that need synching are what I need for my app so it would get great to get access to these.


Yes, this is almost ready and coming. With no unexpected issues, this will be released next week.