Default AuthForm crashes on Android 5.1.1


I have used TMSFMXCloudDropBox to connect to DropBox on Android in the past without problems. I just upgraded to TMS FMX Cloud Pack and Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 1 and found the following problems in an Android app. The app worked well under XE 8 and an older version of TMS Cloud Pack.

1) if I leave the AuthBrowser property empty, the app crashes on Android 5.1.1 devices (i.e. on a Samsung XCover 3). This happens in my app as well as CloudDemos.groupproj demo app with the exception "Aborted (6)" 

2) if I use a TMSFMXCloudWebBrowser as an AuthBrowser, the app does not crash but the callback URL could not be resolved and an error page is displayed: "Die Webseite unter konnte nicht geladen werden" (the page at the callback url could not be retrieved). The tokens are loaded and everything works well after that, but the user might be very irritated by this. At the moment I try to hide TMSFMXCloudWebBrowser1 in the ReceivedAccessToken event manually. What is the right way to handle TMSFMXCloudWebBrowser?

3) The TMSFMXCloudDropBox component version string property shows "" - is this correct? I thought that should be the correct version? 

Can the problem under 1) be fixed or is there a way to avoid the problems under 2) somehow? I do not have other Android devices at hand to make further investigations at the moment. 

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We have investigated this here and have detected an issue with Android class registration limitation ( The workaround we introduced in older RAD Studio versions, is now broken again in the latest version. We have decided to revert back to the original solution for Berlin Update 1 and we can only hope the above limitation is being investigated by Embarcadero.

The next version will have this fix included.

Pieter Scheldeman2016-10-04 11:51:29


About 3):
Please note that the version number is a general version number for the TMS FMX Cloud Pack.
Each component in the pack also has it's own version number which you are seeing in the version property of TMSFMXCloudDropBox.