Draggable Routes

TMS team,
It appears you have implemented your own polyline system
for drawing routes, but we want to specifically take advantage of
Google's ability to drag sections of the route to avoid known issues
like construction, and have it return the new directions.
Is this a
feature you plan to implement at some point? Clearly, Google Maps itself
works this way, and I was wondering if it was something you planned on
utilizing, and where that might be in your dev cycle.



Unfortunately the feature you are requesting is currently not supported in the Google Maps API.
You can use the RenderDirections call draw a directions route via the API instead of the TWebGMaps control, however it's currently not possible to edit this route on the map.

Thank you for your response. If this is unsupported in the Google API, I was wondering how it was implemented with the GMLibs solution. Do they implement some of their own Java Script?  I would prefer to use your solution rather than an Open Source solution, but dragging the routes is essential to our implementation.
For the near term, I guess I will begin trying to understand how the GMLibs is allowing this to happen, and I will continue to check the status of these components for a feature like this.

Appears to be supported in the Google API, but the implementation by TMS doesn't seem to be wrapped in a way to handle it.

Google Example....

directionsDisplay = new google.maps.DirectionsRenderer({

We will do the necessary to enable this.