Feature Request - Re-Route Directions

We're looking for a way to

  1. Display a route from point A to B, and give a detailed directions for that route.
  2. User is able to drag the route around, and the directions would re-update.

All similar to how one might do it in the native Google Maps.

Is that something doable today? Or can we make it an official feature request?

Thanks guys!

We are currently exploring the possibilities for an abstract route calculator/editor which is planned for TMS FNC Maps 2.0. Please note that this will take significant amount of resources and time and will not immediately be available.

Ok, that would be amazing. Thanks for your time.

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I'm sure you've thought of this, but just in case you haven't. When the user re-routes the polyline, we'd need a way to extract the updated directions out of it.

Thanks again all.


The idea is to start with a route, then allow you to add or change those routes dynamically.

That would be amazing as long as after the user changes the route dynamically:

  1. New directions could be calculated and

  2. The new miles between each leg could be calculated.

That's the idea, each segment of the route will be separately available with step by step directions, toll costs, elevation data. With each new route, routes can be appended just by adding a new coordinate or by adding an address which will be automatically translated into a coordinate with reverse geocoding. All you will have to do is enter the necessary basic information, the calculator will do the rest. Please note though that this will take significant amount of development time. Additionally, the goal is to also create an editor that will use the calculator to create, change routes via interaction.

That'd be perfect. Thanks again for the dedication on this project.

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