Is it possible to add 60 markers and create a route?


Sorry, adding routes is currently unfortunately not yet possible. It is being investigated to add support for this in a future version.

Does the current version allow directions from one point to another point but using 1 to 10 additionally stop-points between start and end?

in google words ... i need waypoints within the getdirections function, is this possible ?

Currently i have solved this with following change in the GetDirections function:

url := ''
  + '?origin=' + Origin;

  if pos('||',destination)=0 then begin
      url:=url+'&destination=' + Destination;
  end else begin

  + '&alternatives=' + TextAlt
  + TextTravelMode
  + TextUnits
  + LanguageCode
  + '&sensor=false';

That means, if i have waypoints, i define the destination as "Destination City Name||waypoint1|waypoint2|waypoint3"
But there are some more options which can be used

i.e. avoid=tolls or avoid=highways. Is it possible the extend your standard getDirections function with a stringlist where some additional parameters can be submitted by us? This could be a good solution, if google extends or changes something we can react better

Google took away the routing, I switch to MapQuest which is open source.

How do you use MapQuest within your delphi applications?

From v1.5, we added directions to TMS WebGMaps.
At this time, there was not yet built-in support for setting waypoints, but this is an interesting suggestion that we've added on the todolist.

It would be very very pleasing if we get an update within this month for this ;-)
Have a nice day ...

Your support is really awesom. As i see today, there is a new version of webgmaps with directions and waypoints!
Great! Thanks a lot ...


does anybody have an example for me how to add waypoints, calculate the distance and time from one aypoint to the next and show the route in the map with the GMaps component? I have downloaded and installed the latest version and I am using Delphi XE4. I searched in the forum for such examples, but I was not successful.

Many thanks for helping out!


Information about retrieving directions (including using waypoints) can be found in the TMS WebGMaps developers guide PDF (available from

An example can be found in the WebGMapsDirections demo (included with the product download).