I would like to see WebUpdate being able to install either 32 or 64 bit windows applications from a single INF file.

Why is there a need to do this from one .INF file?
With separation of concerns in mind, I'd tend to think that it is best that a different EXE points to a different .INF file for getting a different update?

Since you compile from one source, why have to create 2 different setups?  Deploymaster from JGSoftware selects both 32 / 64 bit projects, bundles them into a single install package and simplifies getting things installed.  The user doesn't have to know 32 / 64 (I have some really simple people).  It would be nice to rollout updates from a single INF file instead of hoping the users will manually download the entire install package each time.  Yes, I do understand I can create a separate INF, and can have the program do the automated bit.  Then I have to remember to change the INF information on each of the compiles, create the INF for each, publish each to the server.  It would just be nice to have in an automatic update what is available in the initial setup.

We'll consider this.

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