double click in events of object inspector


i have this data module which has about 3000 lines and there are also many ASM  blocks in
many of the events in my TWebClientDataset, TwebConnection , TWebHttpRequest but
not sure is it because of the ASM block in the events which uses { } brackets , that break the 
IDE editor , not be able to jump to the procedure when i double click in the Object inspector 
event , i.e. OnRequestResponse , it will threw error , cannot find method of the procedure ...

and is there anything i can do improve this , without this , i have to use find / search the name
of the procedure . 
just for your information, there is not compilation error. 


As I don't see the actual code in the ASM blocks, it is hard to judge.

From your description, it appears to be an IDE shortcoming though i'm afraid there is little we can do about. I would suggest to isolate your JavaScript code (ASM blocks) in a separate unit and make it callable from your event handlers by wrapping the ASM blocks in Pascal functions (and try to reduce usage of ASM blocks as well as there is a lot that can be done with Pascal code)