Delphi berlin, debug issue

hi i'm evaluating web core on delphi berlin 32 bit project. When i compile and error happen, i have errors messages but i can't navigate trougth the error in the source. I dont known where error are located.... because trial ? or ?

neither code completion go !

First of all, is code completion & navigation working in a new app, in our sample apps?
If this is working fine, can you provide some more details on how you created this project that causes navigation & code completion to go wrong? Can it be you included some non web-core units?

sorry, i've created with wizard a TMS XData Web Application

If the web core application uses language syntax used by the pas2js compiler that is not compatible with the Delphi language syntax (such as ASM blocks or external JavaScript classes, etc.) this causes the Delphi IDE code completion and code navigation to break.

OK but my application was created with your wizard TMS XData Web Application and there are instructions like Obj := TJSObject(TJSJSON.parse(Payload)); or 

class function TJwtHelper.DecodePayload(AToken: string): string;
  if Trim(AToken) = '' then
  Result := '';
    var Token = AToken.split('.');
    if (Token.length = 3) {
      Result = Token[1];
      Result = atob(Result);

with asm and how can i avoid compiler break ? when i get errors messages i must navigate across all source files to find wrong instruction... this is very hard to do and i must employ meny time to search the errors !!

If you have code in an ASM block that causes problems for the IDE compiler used for code completion / syntax highlighting, put this code under a define {$IFNDEF WIN32} ... {$ENDIF}