Debug problem: object is not defined


I have a strange problem when debugging a breakpoint. I found this behaviour also on all other breakpoint.

When adding a breakpoint and inspecting the code, there is always displaying htat tis object is not defined (below is an example when trying to check the RecordCount value of a TWebDataset. The dataset is there for sure, because the breakpoint is in the event AfterOpen (that couldn't be called if there is no dataset).

Try adding the private var to your watch

Local variables are displayed correctly, but object not

There's also another thing - could be connected or not to this issue.

During the edit of files in the IDE I get a lot of errors, but the project compiles just fine - I really don't understand why the errors are being shown.

Can you isolate this and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this?

I'll try :)


I found the reason

If in the code I write this:


then I get a lot of errors, but if corrected to this


all the errors disappear.

Looks like this might have something to do with a type helper.
We'll check with the pas2js team.

Ok, if I find anything else, I will post it

Thank you