Method names showing as non members

I'm posting this here because I'm not sure where to post it.

In this example:
  edProject.Text:= DataModule1.DSProjects.FieldByName('project_id').AsString;

FieldByName and AsString are showing as non members of TXDataWebDataSet.  Methods are showing in the IDE underlined in red.  Everything compiles fine but code completion no longer works.

I've noticed this happens from time to time when my Web projects get rather large.  This time it showed up after I ran updates on my Web, XData, TMSFNCUI etc... The first sign is member names show underlined in red, then "Right Click -> Find Declaration" no longer finds the declaration of anything in the project. I get a one second hourglass then nothing.  Something seems to be broken in the search path.

However everything compiles and runs fine.  So really the only thing that seems to be broken is Code Insight and Code Completion.

Rad Studio 10.3.2
Latest version of the TMS suites.

Additional  odd behavior...
    if (DSTests.State in [dsEdit, dsInsert]) then

.State and .Cancel also show as non members.

I should note here that DSTests is defined thus:
dsTests: TXDataWebDataSet;

in the above:
 dsProjects: TXDataWebDataSet;

Again everything compiles and State and Cancel methods work.

What should my search path include?  This really seems like a search path issue.

Also note that I removed TMS Web and XData and reinstalled.  


I could not reproduce this here.
Typically this happens where there is code that the (separate) compiler used in the IDE for making auto completion possible, cannot parse. This could be an ASM/END block for example used by the pas2js compiler for JavaScript insertion. It is not trivial to find the exact code. You could force the code to compile with the DCC32 compiler to see where it stops. That will in most cases indicate the location(s) in the code.