Why i cannot see my error in chrome console ?

Hi , can i check why i cannot see the error in my TMS Webcore js in my chrome console ?

please check the image ,

I have not seen this behavior before. Can it be this is a browser config?

Hi , found it , this issue that i can see what happened was caused by when one or more of my TWebClientDataset was not active but i read the WebClientDataset1.recordcount , where in Delphi it throw exception but in TMS Webcore debug session, as shown in image that i can see what was happening as in my console , i cannot see the error, but once the WebClientDataset issue is been addressed , problem solved. thanks.

to further asking about error is not showing in my chrome console , i realized that it is due to the JS error in the ASM block , the project can compile but will behave weirdly , sometimes, it will not even run and complaining , rtl.run(); rtl not found ! .

so can we catch or trap the error during compile for any JS error in our ASM block ?

The compiler emits the JavaScript code in ASM blocks, it does not parse or 'compile' this.
The compiler parses Pascal language,  not JavaScript. It generates JavaScript.

ok, thanks ,

So is there any good practice for us to do so that we can discover
the error early in the ASM block , because this Error took me almost half day to be able to understand that it was the one which caused the ERROR from ASM block and not from Delphi.

You can use the classic approach of debugging from the browser, i.e. you should see this code block as-is in JavaScript in the browser and be able to set a breakpoint on it or you could insert console.log() statements in the ASM block to trace what is happening there.