DLL Entry not found

On a new PC with Delphi XE, XE2 and XE3 installed, I did a fresh installation of TMS component pack, Instrumentation Workshop and Scripter Studio in that sequence.

After installing Component pack, everything was ok on all three Delphi versions.

After installing Workshop and Scripter, I get an errormessage on start of Delphi (similar error on all versions).

The DLL entry point @AdvSmoothCalendarGroup@TAdvSmoothCalendarGroup @SetComponentStyle&qqr20Advstyleif@TTMSStyle was not found in Tmsexd2011.bpl.

This error prevents TMS Component pack design time support from loading.

Scripter Studio had a lot of errors at installation, maybe this is the cause.


Gerhard Sachs


To fix this issue, please read item number 7 on


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The problem is solved now, thank you for the tip.

I did a complete reinstallation, first deleteting the old TMS directory.

Gerhard Sachs