Display Problem with tAdvOfficeColourSelector

I have been trying to create an Advanced Office Colour Selector with a caption and cannot find a way to make it display acceptably. If you have a Caption (or Notes) as well as "Show Selected Colour" set then the selected colour box is displayed in the middle of the Caption/Notes, obscuring the text. None of the available settings seem to affect the location of the colour box - "Layout" only affects the Glyph position. Ideally I would want something that works like the tAdvColorSelector. Am I missing something?

Also, I can't find a way to delete Picture data from the component (other than manually deleting the field from the DFM file).

  1. We fixed the issue with caption & selected color drawing. Next update will address this.
  2. To remove the picture, just select its value (TPicture) in the Object Inspector and press DEL.

Thanks for quick reply, Bruno. Whilst you are looking at the various AdvOfice Selectors (color, pen width pen style etc), I have noticed that they all print the Glyph over any "Notes" that are added.

We have revised all for allowing both caption & selection graphic element