Disappearing Cell content when filtering

I am using the AdvStringGrid with a text filter.
In a certain situation, the first rows content gets invisible when applying a filter.
When I click on the row, the content is visible again.

I could narrow it down to this situation:

  • Option << goRowSelect
  • Look = glStandard (or glSoft, ...)
  • calling ClearRowSelect or HideSelection

Here is some code to reproduce:

Fill the grid:

  grid1->Options << goRowSelect;
  grid1->Look = glStandard;

  // Fill
  grid1->RowCount = 15;
  grid1->ColCount = 3;
  grid1->FixedRows = 1;
  grid1->FixedCols = 0;
  grid1->RandomFill(false, 1000);

//  grid1->HideSelection();

Applying a filter from a TEdit :

void __fastcall TForm_Main::btnFilterClick(TObject *Sender)
  grid1->FilterActive = false;
  if (!edtFilter->Text.IsEmpty())
    TFilterOperation filterOps = foAND;
    for (int i = grid1->FixedCols; i < grid1->AllColCount; i++)
      Advgrid::TFilterData* filter = grid1->Filter->Add();
      filter->Condition = "*\"" + edtFilter->Text + "\"*";
      filter->Column = i;
      filter->CaseSensitive = false;
      filter->Operation = filterOps;
      filterOps = foOR;
    grid1->FilterActive = true;

Try to set
Grid->FixedRowAlways = true

Unfortunately, this doesn't change the effect.

Do you set this in the form OnCreate event?

I tried it in OnCreate, in the Grid-Properties in the c++builder-Designer and before filling.
No change.

We are investigating.
Try as a workaround for now to call grid-ClearRowSelect() after setting grid->FilterActive = true

We applied a fix. The next update will address this.

Thanks again for the quick support. :1st_place_medal: