FilterEdit in TADVStringGrid

i want to use the FilterEdit in a TADVStringGrid.
Is it to possibile to have automatically a new row under the header and before the first row of the grid where can I use the filter or I need to manage it at run-time?
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If you set grid.FixedRows = 2 and set grid.FilterEdit.Row = 1, then the filter editing will happen in the 2nd row before normal cells.

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Thank you @brunofierens.
If i write something in the filter row:

When i change the cell it puts a 0,0 on the filter.

How is it possibile?

Thank you

It is unclear how this happens.
Do you have any TAdvStringGrid event handler implemented that could interfere?
Can you isolate & create a sample source project with which we can investigate this here?

Thank you Bruno.
I had a "OnCellValidate" event that creates some problems.

I think you need to exclude this event from validating the filter edits.

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