Filter in TADVStringGrid with nodes

i'm using a TDAVStringGrid with Filter and FilterEdit.
When I use the ContractAll function on the nodes of the grid, the filter doesn't work.
I give you an example.

Is it possibile to use filters in a grid with nodes?
Thank you

Can you try to set
grid.FilterType = ftSuppress

Thank you Bruno, but I have the same problem also with this FilterType

What is the exact problem?

Filters doesn't work if the grid is contracted.
Every filter I use (FilterEdit or Normal Filter), I see all the rows.
Look at the example belowe, I've set a filter in the first column but I see all the other row.

We've seen this issue and extended the component to handle this.
The next update will have this capability.

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Hi Bruno.
I've downloaded the latest versione of TMS VCL UI PACK ( but i still have the same problem.


What should I interpret from this picture. The filter condition 148873 was given and I see under the first node, these values are still there and under 2nd node, I see thinking, so I'm not sure how to interpret this. It would seem that the filter under node 185225 did not leave records?

Under the node 185225 i didn't see any rows.
But why I still see the node 185225 if I setted another filter?

When nodes are active, filtering is on child nodes and not on root nodes itself.