DBAdvGrid Filtering Issue

I am having a weird issue with the filter dropdown.  I have the FilterDropDownAuto and FilterDropDownCheck
enabled.  When checking multiple selections for the filter it all works as expected as long as the column is the last column.  If the column is any other, then when more than one selection is checked then all rows disappear.  At first I thought it was maybe related to the data in the columns so I enabled column moving and can duplicate the problem by simply moving the column from the last position to any other position.  Once the rows disappear, you have to clear all selections in the column to get the rows to come back. 

I have retested this here with our DBAdvGrid demo ADOGrouping where the code was added in the Form's OnCreate event: 

  dbadvgrid1.FilterDropDownAuto := true;
  dbadvgrid1.FilterDropDownCheck := true;

and with this demo, I cannot see any issue. Do you have exact steps how to reproduce this issue starting from our ADOGrouping demo?
Hey Bruno,

I just created a new form, a data module and connected to my database again.  I went step by step enabling grid features I had turned on previously and finally found it.  It's when I enable the searchfooter to be visible that the problem shows up.


Maybe this is related to the issue you recently fixed with the flickering when the searchfooter was on?

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Cool, thanks Bruno!

Hey Bruno,

I just installed  The results are different this time. 

With Search Filter Visible
1) Select an odd number of filter checkboxes in a single column, works as expected
2) Select an even number of filter checkboxes in a single column, all rows are visible as if no filter is in place
3) Select any number of filter checboxes in an additional second column (with an odd number of filter checkboxes selected in a first column), no additional filtering takes place

With Search Filter Not Visible
Check a filter checkbox in any column, select the "FilterDropDownCheckUnCheckAll" choice on a second column, clear the checkbox, all rows become visible, even though the filter in the first column is still active.

There are some other odd things I'm seeing when selecting a second column filter as well but I'm guessing they may resolve themselves once the  above is fixed.  In certain cases, results look ok, others all data rows disappear and in other situations, the visible row data does not match the filter criteria.

We fixed both issues now and we'll release an update shortly that will address this.