TAdvGridPDFIO-latest release questions

I have been using this component in some applications successfully

I ran the subscription updater today and updated my component pack.

Now I cannot open the main form pas file due to errors of 'property' not found.
too many to count. First one is AUTOLOAD not found.

Have to delete the component in the DFM as text and start over....?

Please advise

The TAdvGridPDFIO was entirely revised and it was unfortunately necessary for this to restructure some properties. To solve this, open the form(s) that contain TAdvGridPDFIO, ignore any possible property errors related to this, save the form file(s) and then rebuild your app.

I did the 'ignore' errors on load as I have seen this before.  What I excepted was to see the form
and the vcl components gone and then continue clean up.  What I saw instead was the code and the form (DFM?) was not seen - so could not toggle to.  I think I saw an error message about a stream error. 
I will investigate a little more..
I will try to edit the DFM directly and delete the components that way.

Any ideas are hints are appreciated....

By deleting the components by code in the DFM I was ok. no errors and I could see the form in the IDE and continue.

****I will look my self but a side question on the PDFIO - is there a way I can force the grid to create only a one (1) page PDF - regardless of the # of rows???  I understand the font will be small.

AdvGridPDFIO.Options.FitToPage = true will do this to fit the nr. of columns on one page. But for the rows, there isn't such option as this is a more uncommon scenario. You could adapt the font size and row heights before exporting to PDF based on precalculating how much rows fit on your PDF page.